Our planet and the life that is given to us are designed by our Grand Creator for us to enjoy them. A lot of people nowadays seriously save money to travel different continents, to meet new people, to tell a thousand stories and to make great memories. They wander in different countries and with different people. Though I share with these people the same desires but I am not among them. The reason why I created this blog is not only to share travel experiences but most especially to tell my own story.

I am a native of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. A small municipality located in the boundary of the Province of Sultan Kudarat and the Province of Maguindanao in the Philippines. I am a Jehovahs Witness,a preacher of God’s Kingdom. I believe that the foundation of truth is written in the bible. I also believe that The purpose of Mankind is to give glory and honor to our true Creator, and this act is vital for having a good relationship and standing before the True God.

In this blog I will tell a story of a girl who was raised in a poor filipino home, surrounded by the turmoil cause by local terrorist and the anxiety of the chances of better life but has found a way to find happiness and strenght to live a beautiful life. From my experiences I like to wander the deepest things in life. I seek answers, I seek Peace. Though I have the answers to my questions I still believe there are more to search, to know and to discover about our Life and the World we live in.

Welcome to my Blog! Welcome to my Story!